We are excited and thrilled about all that God has done in 2016 and is doing in 2017! This past year we have seen tremendous numerical growth in our Elementary and Early Childhood ministries along with amazing spiritual transformation. Week after week kids come with their Bibles and prayer requests looking forward to having a fun time filled with games, friends, connecting with teachers and volunteers, and anticipating God to touch their lives.
In Life Kids, we have core values that provide healthy, weekly ministry. Our passion is for every child to…

  •  love and know Jesus
  • experience “the best hour of their week”
  • experience a safe environment – with teachers, helpers and facilities

Jesus welcomed and loved little children. He would take them up in his arms and bless them. His statements regarding children were that unless you become as one of these little children you cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven. One of the highlights teachers and volunteers look forward to each week is to see the amazing childlike faith and love for God. It is inspiring and refreshing.
We are excited about our 2017 curriculum that is biblically based, reaching kids on their level and is interactive. Watching children worship is inspiring and our prayer times together are wonderful. Life Kids celebrate the first Sunday of each month by inviting their friends to the small auditorium for inflatables, food, fun and friendship.

We look forward to serving you here at Life Kids!